Officer Election at Cornerstone

In June of this last year, the elders approved seven men to enter officer training at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church. The seven men were John Marquardt, Gene King, Todd Russell, Mike Smith, Brian Phillips, Marty Smith, and Steve Green. Each of these men accepted your (the congregation) officer nomination and filled out the “Officer Readiness Questionnaire” as the first step in evaluating belief, character, and call to leadership

Beginning in July, these seven men began a six-month officer training process that focused on spiritual, doctrinal, and officer development. One of the objectives of training is to evaluate and test each man’s sense of call to being an officer as well as identifying Cornestone Logoand developing gifts for ministry.

Over the course of the training, Mike Smith and John Marquardt determined that now is not their time for them to pursue officership at Cornerstone. As so many of you know, Mike and John are remarkably godly men, whom the Lord has used immensely in our church and the wider community. Not surprisingly, it was their godliness and commitment to honor the integrity of officership that helped them determine that now is not the time for them to be an officer. Though it was sad to see them step away, my love and respect them increased all the more through the process. We are truly a better congregation for having these two brothers in our midst.

The five other men—Marty Smith, Brian Phillips, Todd Russell, Gene King, and Steve Green—finished training a couple of weeks ago and were examined this past Tuesday night by the elders. I’m pleased to announce that each man passed examination with flying colors and was unanimously recommend to the membership of Cornerstone for election on Sunday, February 12, 2017. (Mark your calendars now!)

In addition to these new officer candidates, one of our current officers, Joe Haworth, was nominated to move from the diaconate to the eldership. As anyone who knows Joe will testify, he’s a servant of servants. He’s certainly among the most caring and compassionate men I know. At the same time, Joe possesses gifts in teaching and spiritual shepherding. What that means is Joe is a unique servant of the Lord whose gifts could be deployed as either a deacon or an elder.

As Joe and I began to talk through his sense of call and gifting, exploring whether a transition from deacon to elder was wise, we both became convinced that a move to the eldership made the best sense. So, in addition to the five new candidates, you will also be voting on Joe Haworth for the office of elder.

To help you prepare to vote your conscience on February 12th, next week pictures as well as short bios of the officer candidates will be published in the Pastoral Notes, so you can get to know the men better. In addition, we will publish their contact information as well, so you can reach out to them personally with any questions you might have.

Speaking of questions, if you have any about the officer training process or the upcoming election, please feel free to contact the church office or one of our elders. We would be happy to help in any way we can!

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