Cornerstone Podcast for Men

Photo on 2010-06-21 at 10.28For 2015, I am planning to record and release a weekly podcast for the men of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN. The podcast will address both serious and lighthearted topics. At times we will dive into the deep end of biblical and theological issues and important matters of culture, family, and church life. At other times, we will hit practical life concerns including fun stuff like music, movies, and books. Pretty much anything that catches my fancy is fair game!

The podcast will aim to be brief. It should be easy to fit into your morning or afternoon commute from work or while you’re working out at the gym. Though you may at times want to pick up your pen and take notes, my suspicion is that most of the time this podcast will be a middle of the week seasoning to your life. Just sprinkle it in and absorb what you can as you’re doing life.

Now, some of you know how technologically handicapped I am. The fact that I just recorded the first podcast on my own is nothing short of a small miracle! I’ll get advice from the tech gurus out there as time goes along. I’m sure there are ways I can could do this simpler and better. Until then, suffer me… and listen in.

Let’s kick this podcast off with a subject I think a lot about the last week of the year: planning for the future. God is the ultimate long range planner, and if we’re going to be like him, we’ll have to give more than a passing glance to the days ahead. But planning ahead takes wisdom, flexibility, and humility. Click on the link below to listen to the inagural podcast.

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