Four Years In. Thankful.

Cornestone LogoI was reminded this week just how blessed we are, as the Cornerstone family gathered on Wed. night for fellowship, teaching, and prayer. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the meal, I had the chance to just stop and take in the beauty of God’s people and be encouraged by the many signs of God’s presence among us. There was the added personal gift of feeling right at home among God’s people. A feeling all its own.

On April 1, 2010, the Shurden family arrived in middle TN in answer to a call from our mother church, Parish Pres., to plant a new church in the Franklin area. As most of you know, I never thought that plant would be located on the corner of Church & 3rd. St. in downtown Franklin, but God knew. And His plans are always right. And good.

In four years, a lot has happened. There have been both high and low points, but through it all, God has been steadily keeping his promises and paving the way. Four years ago, Cornerstone Pres. was a dream. Today, by God’s grace, it’s a reality… and growing! I rejoice at what God has done, and I’m so humbled by his goodness.

For those of you that started and stuck with us, thank you for taking a great step of faith. You are true comrades in arms in ministry, and I grow more thankful everyday for your partnership in the gospel. For those of you that joined us along the way, you are an answer to prayer. You are the personal witness of God’s faithfulness to build His Church, and we love having you as fellow travelers on the way.

What do the next four years have in store? I don’t know exactly. But I know who does. And that is all I need to know.


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