GraceWorks Report

I’ve asked Dan Meyers, our Mercy and Missions Coordinator, to report on his recent community meeting with GraceWorks Ministries of Williamson County. You will find his important report below:

I recently went to a meeting for churches that GraceWorks held and learned a lot about this ministry and the work that they are doing.  GraceWorks is an ecumenical non-profit ministry dedicated to sharing the hope and grace of God by helping neighbors in need.  Forty percent of Franklin children are from economically disadvantaged homes.  Last year, GraceWorks helped Williamson County families over 25,000 times.  There has been a 76% increase in Williamson County families receiving Food Stamps from 2008-2013.  GraceWorks gives nearly $1M in Food Stamps to hungry families each year.  Requests for rent and utilities from GraceWorks has doubled in the past five years.  This year alone GraceWorks will give $2.5M worth of help to Williamson County Families.

It may be easy for us to hear these facts and think, “I don’t understand. How does this happen?” That question is probably asked by many people receiving the services of GraceWorks.  But instead of no one understanding, why don’t we begin to get involved as Christ would have done to help meet the basic needs of our community and present the gospel through active involvement in their lives.

GraceWorks provides so much through their ministry helping so many.  Our church already supports GraceWorks each year.  Take a look at the various ways they impact people throughout Williamson County.


  • Emergency Financial Needs:     Food  pantry,  Rent  payments,  Utility  bills,  Medication assistance, Transportation costs,                                        Advocacy and referrals, Free 1 on 1 money management
  • Children’s Programs:  Newborn  baby  supplies,  Backpacks  and  school  supplies,  Weekend nutrition for school children, Christmas gifts
  • Senior Adult Needs: Transportation  to  medical  appointments,  Medical  alert system,  Medication  assistance, Minor home repairs, Access to other GraceWorks services
  • Thrift Store: Clothing, Vouchers, Furniture, Appliances, Housewares

We would like to ask you to join with us and GraceWorks ministries with their Second Harvest Food Banks. At Cornerstone, there is a box in the upper hall (second floor) as you go up the steps to give aid for the GraceWorks food pantry.  Bring pre-packaged canned goods, rice, pasta, jelly, cereals, all non-perishable, including laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, dishwashing liquid, deodorant, razors, brushes/combs, shaving cream, toothbrushes, and mouthwash as well.

Join Cornerstone Mercy Ministries team as we strive to “meet needs through word and deed.”

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