31 Days of Reading. Starts Tomorrow!

Godliness is profitable in all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come—I Timothy 4:8

For the month of October, the men of Cornerstone Pres. will slowly read through John Calvin’s devotional classic, The Golden Booklet of the Christian Life. Almost three dozen of you have picked up a copy through the church Book Shelf. But if you missed grabbing one, don’t worry–you can download the e-book version through amazon today and be ready for tomorrow’s reading.

Let me encourage you to post quotes, comments, and questions from your reading on the CStone Men’s facebook page. If you are not yet a member, just search on facebook “CStone Men” and request to be added to our group. As soon as you are received, you will receive updates through that page. I will be posting regularly during our reading and looking for your responses. I will also be posting times I’m available to grab coffee or lunch with whoever is available, even a few early morning times to pray. If you join up, just let me know or post on the site. On that note, if any of you have breakfast or lunch spots available, or desire to pull a few guys together one evening, please do not hesitate to post on the site and send out an invite. The site is there for just that reason.

For the 31 days of October, leading up to Reformation Sunday, let’s pursue the joy of the Lord together and ask God to continue to build the brotherhood at Cornerstone.

For your convenience, I’m posting the reading schedule below with the dates and reading assignments. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line.

The Golden Booklet of the Christian Life

October 2013

Reading Week 1, October 1-5

Chapter 1 – Humble Obedience, The True Imitation of Christ

  • Tuesday, Preface & Calvin’s Prayer
  • Wednesday, “Scripture as the Rule of Life”
  • Thursday, “Holiness is the Key Principle”
  • Friday, “Holiness means Full Obedience in Christ”
  • Saturday, “External Christianity is Not Enough” & “Spiritual Progress is Necessary”

Reading Week 2, October 7-11

Chapter 2 – Self Denial

  • Monday, “We are Not Our Own, We are the Lord’s” & “Seeking God’s Glory means Self-denial”
  • Tuesday, “Self-denial means: Sobriety, Righteousness, and Godliness” & “True Humility means Respect for Others”
  • Wednesday, “We should seek the Good of Other Believers” & “We should seek the Good of Everyone, Friend or Foe”
  • Thursday, “Civil Goodness is Not Enough” & “No Happiness without God’s Blessing”
  • Friday, “We should not be Anxious to Obtain Riches and Honor” & “The Lord is Just in All His Ways”

Reading Week 3, October 14-18

Chapter 3 – Patience in Crossbearing

  • Monday, “Crossbearing is more Difficult than Self-Denial” & “The Cross makes us Humble”
  • Tuesday, “The Cross makes us Hopeful” & “The Cross Teaches us Obedience”
  • Wednesday, “The Cross makes for Discipline” & “The Cross brings Repentance”
  • Thursday, “Persecution brings God’s Favor” & “Persecution should bring Spiritual Joy”
  • Friday, “The Cross should not make us Indifferent” & “The Cross makes for Submission” & “The Cross is Necessary for Salvation”

Reading Week 4, October 21-25

Chapter 4 – Hopefulness for the Next World

  • Monday, “There is no Crown without a Cross”
  • Tuesday, “We are inclined to Overestimate the Present Life”
  • Wednesday, “The Blessings of this Present Life should not be Despised”
  • Thursday, “What is Earth if compared with Heaven”
  • Friday, “We should not Fear Death, but lift up our Heads” & “The Lord will come in Glory: Maranatha

Reading Week 5, October 28-31

Chapter 5 – The Right Use of the Present Life

  • Monday, “Let us Avoid Extremes”
  • Tuesday, “Earthly Things are Gifts of God” & “True Gratitude will Restrain us from Abuse”
  • Wednesday, “Let us Live with Moderation” & “Let us be Content under Privation”
  • Thursday, “Be Faithful in your Divine Calling”

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