Transitions at Cornerstone

So much to share with you all, but let me start with the good news.

Since we’ve grown to just over 350 members, the Personnel Committee has been considering ways we can bring more support to our ministry from the staff side. As a preliminary answer to immediate needs, last week the Session unanimously approved the hiring of two part time interns to serve Cornerstone Presbyterian during the summer months. I’m pleased to announce to you that our very own Dan Meyers and Brittain Brewer will join the Cornerstone staff for the summer. Each intern will work 20 hours a week in a wide range of ministry endeavors, taking special interest in the youth ministry, discipleship, and local outreach to our community.

As these brothers receive both ministry training and gain a wide range of ministry experience over the summer, I would ask you to pray for them regularly and make every effort to encourage them as they serve. I am absolutely thrilled to have them join the staff for the summer!

Though we are aglow with this fabulous news, we are disheartened by other news.

Several months back the elders adopted a sabbatical rotation for officers of Cornerstone. It works like this: the elder and deacon with the longest tenure of service without a sabbatical are eligible for a year off from active service in order to pursue concentrated time with their family and be spiritually refreshed and rejuvenated for the work of ministry.

For this first year, Bill Iverson (Elder) and Scott Weeks (Deacon) were the leading officer candidates for sabbatical, and they were approved for a year sabbatical starting in June. Both of these dear brothers have served consecutively as officers without a season of rest in three different churches—Christ Community, Parish Presbyterian, and Cornerstone Presbyterian. In two of those churches, Parish Pres. and Cornerstone Pres., these brothers served as a part of the church planting officer core. Needless to say, these two brothers have labored faithfully (and tirelessly!) within our midst for years and it was high time they took a break. We rejoice in giving them this time off!

In Bill’s case, however, there was more than just a sabbatical ahead. An impending transition was on the horizon. With retirement only a handful of years away, Bill and his wife, Liz, have decided to transition to north Georgia to their cabin on the Ocoee River. In this new location, Liz will be closer to her Mom and able to provide more regularly care for her, and Bill will continue to oversee his growing residential water treatment business in Georgia.

Though excited to see what God has in store in this next phase of life, we are heartbroken to see them go. Bill and Liz have been such a vital part of our church body. We thank God for the way they have sacrificially given themselves to the work of ministry, and this morning in the worship service we want to express that thankfulness to them by praying over them and sending them out into this next phase of life. Please come by and give them a hug and tell him how much you love them as they embark on this new adventure.

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  1. Kevin Twit

    Wow – big loss for Nashville area.

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