Word of the Lord: A Summer Nights Study of the Old Testament Prophets

Led by Nancy Guthrie


Ladies, you have a tremendous opportunity to study the Word of God this summer, digging deep into some of the barely read sections of our Bibles–the Old Testament prophets. I want to encourage you to carve out Tuesday evenings and make it a priority to gather with your sisters in Christ for solid biblical teaching and penetrating application of God’s Word. The study will begin at 6:55 p.m. at Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (136 Third Avenue South, Franklin, TN). This study is sponsored by the Women in the Church of the Nashville Presbytery.

Here’s a few more details from Nancy, “Anyone who wants to better understand these challenging books in the Bible is welcome. We’ll shine the light of the New Testament on them to see how they help us to grasp who Jesus is and why he came. Personal Bible Study questions designed to prepare you to get the most out of the study each week will be provided, but are not required. No registration needed. Just come when you can.”

Here’s the breakdown week by week:

  • June 3/4: In this introduction, we’ll see Jesus as both the messenger to and the message of the prophets.
  • June 10/11: In Jonah we’ll see the compassion of Jesus as he runs toward the lost, calling them to repentance. June 17/18: In Hosea we’ll see the faithfulness of Jesus as he chooses to love and redeem an unfaithful bride. June 24/25: In Micah we’ll see the righteousness of Jesus, the answer to: “What does the Lord require?”
  • July 1/2: In Isaiah we’ll see the suffering of Jesus as the Servant who suffers himself in place of his people.
  • July 8/9: In Habakkuk we’ll see the promise of Jesus which enables us to live by faith in the face of disaster. July 15/16: In Jeremiah we’ll see the tears of Jesus as he weeps over the rebellion of God’s people.
  • July 22/23: In Daniel we’ll see the eternal reign of Jesus as the glorious Son of Man. “
  • July 29: In Ezekiel we’ll see the promised presence of Jesus right with us, even in us.
  • August 5/6: In Malachi we’ll see the glory of Jesus as he comes to cleanse and refine his people.

If you have any questions, please contact us at office@cstonepres.org or 615-618-4707. 

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