The Right Kind of R&R This Summer

The last few weeks at CStone have been rich.

  • First, we’ve seen the Lord move in the hearts of his people to sponsor children through Compassion International and many more praying about sponsorship. (If you missed church that week, we’d love to talk with you more about it. Here’s the link to find out more:
  • Second, we’ve commissioned two short-term mission trips for Peru and Nicaragua respectively.
  • Third, we were blessed to have Rev. David Carrera preach to us recently on “Being Merciful,” including a report on the ministry that he and I shared together in Colombia, South America earlier this year, and the upcoming mission opportunity in Ecuador later this summer.
  • Fourth, we’ve witnessed literally thousands of dollars in “Good Samaritan Giving” within our congregation to the Franklin community. This is not to mention the dozen tangible deeds and evangelistic stories coming forth over just this last month. (And many of you asking how we can do more!)

It is clear: God is afoot in our midst, and we take joy in His work publicly, so as not to rob Him of the glory that He is due.

With that said, I sense a real problem ahead. It may already be happening. It goes by a simple and innocent sounding name—it is called SUMMER!

For understandable reasons, summer is a time where many of us take a break from the blitz of so-calledimages  “normal life.” We slip into a fun-in-the-sun, five-o’clock somewhere state of mind and allow our mental landscape to become dominated by images of sandy beaches, swimming pools, and barbeques. With ease of conscience, we blow off commitments and responsibilities because, well, it’s summer.

Now, I would be the first to remind you that breaks and vacations are important to life. Seasons of rest and refreshment are crucial to healthy human existence. I certainly hope that you will take a vacation (or “staycation”) this summer, finding ample time to enjoy your family and friends in a meaningful, unhurried fashion. At the same time, I hope that you will not “take a break” from being a Christian over the summer. I hope that you will not dupe yourself into believing that being a Christian is something you can take off like a winter coat. If it is no longer you who live but Christ in you (Galatians 2:20), than we cannot cease to be Christian, even when it’s time to pack away those winter coats.

I believe that God is doing a special work in our midst, as just a few hours ago I heard yet another story of young single mother in our community needing help as she walks through many trials. By God’s grace, this lady met with a Cornerstone member who took her out to dinner tonight and has begun sharing the love of Jesus Christ in both words and deeds.

So, have a great summer! Enjoy yourself, your family and friends. Take a vacation. Unwind and relax. But, do not forget who you are: a disciple of Jesus Christ, a member of His Bride, the Church. Do not “take a break” from your calling in Christ, but instead, take the gospel with you to the swimming pool, the sandy beach, and the barbecue—and find His yoke to be easy, His burden to be light (Matthew 11:30).

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