Taking to Wisdom

I’ve been  dipping in and out of James Boswell’s masterful work, “The Life of Samuel Johnson.” Sadly, I slipped through the first 32 years of my life without reading this classic, but I’m taking the summer to fill a few holes in my reading life. I read a short section this morning that I believed too good, or should I say, too wise not to share.

“By associating with you, Sir, (Dr. Johnson) I am always getting an accession of wisdom. But perhaps a man, after knowing his own character, the limited strength of his own mind, should not be desirous of having too much wisdom.” Johnson replied, “Sir, be as wise as you can; let a man be allis laetus, sapiens sibi. You may be wise in your study in the morning, and gay in a tavern in the evening. Every man is to take care of his own wisdom and his own virtue, without minding too much what others think.”–James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson

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