The One Thing Most Urgent

“And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was alone.”—Matthew 14:23

Can you believe that we’re just about to finish the first quarter of 2013? Where has all the time gone?

Feeling convicted about the lickety split nature of our current life, Christy and I were confessing together a few weeks ago how much we could use a season of “slower time.” Time to simply be still for a little while.

In hopes of finding a little space on the calendar, we looked at our schedules to see what the next week looked like. Seeing that it was already booked, we turned our attention to the next week, but that week wasn’t going to work either. So, we glanced to the next week, and then the next week…

You know the drill.

Life can get full and fast in a hurry, and if we’re not careful, the too many “good things” of life can turn into not such a good thing. Before we break (literally!), we must learn to put on the brakes. Securing unhurried times with God where we can be attentive, present, and quiet with what’s going on in and around us, separate from the noise of normal life, is absolutely crucial to healthy Christian living.

In a counseling training seminar six years ago, I sat with a group of students as we learned the importance of being still before the Lord in order to listen to the Lord. As we practiced silence together, being guided by the Word, we saw God move among us in powerful ways. Over the course of the training, superficial conversations gave way to honest self-expression. Reporting facts about life became meaningful moments of communion. Complaining about problems and difficulties turned into seasons of spontaneous prayer. We saw God meet with us in the stillness.

As we’ve been coursing our way through the Gospel of Luke, we’ve seen Jesus regularly leave the crowds behind in order toimages retire to a quiet place to spend time with His Father in heaven. Think of it. Jesus literally left the sick, possessed, and even dying in order to go spend time alone with his Father. Take note: Jesus never let the good things, even the essential work of life get in the way of the thing most necessary.

In our case, this means we may have to leave the laundry unfolded and the e-mail unsent in order to preserve our walk with the Lord and care for our soul. We may have to leave things smoldering at work or home in order to drink from the living water that only Jesus can give. We must learn to let the Bible define what is urgent.

At Cornerstone, we want to be a community that is committed to not let the good take the place of the best. As we draw closer to Good Friday and Easter, commit to finding time to get away with God to listen and pray. He will meet with you. And nothing is more urgent in your life than that.

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