To Make Disciples: Sermon Study Guide (Sunday, January 27)

Today in worship our attention is given to making disciples of Christ. The questions below are designed to get you into the Bible, into your heart, and into relationship with the community of faith around you as we strive together in the gospel work of making disciples.

  • According to the Scripture, what does it mean to make disciples?
  • In your opinion, does the Bible see disciple making as the call of every Christian?
  • Are you presently engaged in the work of making disciples?
  • If you are making disciples presently, who are you discipling and what does the discipleship look like? What further equipping or training might you need to develop as a disciple maker?
  • If you are not making disciples presently, what is keeping you from it? After listing your reasons, consider the validity of the reasons. What next step should you make to address these obstacles to disciple making?
  • Making disciples is ordinarily done with others (i.e. the church). Whom could you partner with in making disciples?
  • Whom has God put in your life presently that you could disciple?

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