To Be Disciples: Sermon Study Guide (Sunday, Jan 20)

This past Sunday we are leaning into God’s Word to explore what it means to be a disciple of Christ. The questions below are designed to get you into the Bible, into your heart, and into relationship with the community of faith around you. Please take advantage of this resource as we renew our commitment to discipleship together.

  • In the Scriptures, Jesus is described as a Christian’s master or Lord. Do you believe Jesus to be the Lord of your life?  (see Romans 10:9; I Corinthians 6:19-20)
  • In your own words, what does the word “disciple” mean?
  • For those looking at your life from the outside, whom would they say you follow? In other words, what do the actions of your life reveal about the devotion of your life?
  • As you take brief account of your life, and even consider what others might say, would it be fair to call yourself a disciple of Christ? Why or why not?
  • Looking at the pattern of life, where do you see your love for God being shown in your actions? If this question stumps you, take time and consider what changes may need to take place in your life.  (Luke 6:46-49; I John 2:1-6)
  • What about being a disciple of Christ frightens you? What in your life is keeping you from committing your life to following Christ? (See Luke 9:23-24, 14:25-33)


Where do I go from here? We all need help learning what it means to be a disciple. Here are a few instructions for going the next step as a disciple of Christ.

  • Share as much as you can (honestly) from the answers above with your spouse or friend or HFG. Ask them to pray for you regularly and invite them to speak truthfully into your life (Ephesians 4:15).
  • Commit to put yourself under the tutelage of a Christian that you believe will help you learn how to follow Christ more closely. If you need help in this, contact the church office. We would love to help.
  • Earnestly seek to gather regularly in a HFG with other believers where you can confess your sin, ask questions, pray together, and endeavor to live as a follower of Christ.

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