The Next Four Sundays

24128Today we will begin a new sermon series entitled, To Be The People Of God. This will be a time for Cornerstone Presbyterian Church to remember who God has made us to be and renew our commitment to be such a people by His grace.

If you do not typically pray for the church or our weekly worship gatherings, let me challenge you to begin now. Please add Cornerstone Presbyterian Church to your weekly prayer list for the month of January. Let’s together seek God’s face that He might be pleased to meet with us as we open His Word together in worship. To help you pray with greater knowledge, I’ve listed the titles of the four sermons below.

1. “To Be A Gospel-Centered Church: Knowing the Truth of Christ and Him Crucified” (Jan. 6th)

2. “To Be Worshipers of God: Living for the Praise of His Glorious Grace” (Jan 13th)

3. “To Be Disciples of Christ: Living in the Strength of His Glorious Grace” (Jan 20th)

4. To be Missionaries to All People: Living for the Spread of His Glorious Grace (Jan. 27th)

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