Not Of This World, For This World

Below is the final quote from the message yesterday. In context, we were focusing on the radical difference between the power source of the Kingdom of God and the power source of the Kingdom of the World. Several of you mentioned on Sunday and via e-mail how the distinction between the two kingdoms really came home to you when I read this quote. Because of that, I thought it worth including here, so you can meditate on it further.

(I came across this quote came from a sermon Tim Keller gave years ago. He was quoting Tom Skinner from an Urbana Conference a few years earlier.)

Barrabes was a guy burning the system down. He’s killing people. But you can always stop Barrabes. The worst he can do is going and round up a bunch of guerrillas and start another riot. You can always stop him by bringing out the National Guard. Find where he’s keeping his ammunition, raid his apartment without a search warrant, shoot him while he’s still asleep. You can always stop Barrabus.

But how do you stop Jesus? They nailed him to a cross and then they buried him. They rolled a stone over his grave and wiped their hands and said, “There’s one radical who will never disturb us again.” Three days later Jesus Christ pulled off the greatest coup of all time. He got up out of the grave, the leader of a new creation, who has overthrown the existing order and has established a new order that is not built on man.

To put Barrabus to death, ends his revolution. To put Jesus to death only begins it. To take away the power from Barrabus ends his revolution. To take away power from Jesus only launches it.

So keep in mind my friend that only God’s kingdom will prevail, and you will not be radical in the right way until you become a part of that order. And then go out into the world that is enslaved by hunger, poverty, racism, and many other evils and go proclaim liberation to the captives, sight to the blind, liberty to them that are bruised – go into the world and tell all those who are bound mentally, spiritually, and physically that the real liberator has come. 

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