The Healing Power of Jesus (Sermon Study Guide)

Before Jesus resurrects the dead daughter of Jarius the synagogue official, he pauses to draw attention to the healing faith of a woman with a discharge of blood. These two miracles form a powerful illustration of the tenderness of Jesus healing and His authority over disease and death.

  •  This is the only instance in the gospels were two miracles are intertwined. Take a moment to compare and contrast the two miracle stories and consider the significance of their pairing.
  •  What social and ceremonial consequences would the woman with the discharge of blood have faced in a first century Jewish culture?
  • Why do you believe the woman sought to be healed in a hidden way (v.44)? Further, what was Jesus purpose(s) in bringing her out of hiding (v.47)?
  •  How is faith healing (v.48)? Take a moment to consider how the healing power of faith in Christ is needed right now in your life.
  • After Jesus arrives to the house of Jarius where his twelve-year-old daughter has died, Jesus responds in a puzzling fashion, “Do not weep, for she is not dead but sleeping.” What did Jesus intend to say by this statement?
  • If Jesus was with you now, and He is, what would you bring before Him?
  • How is the healing power of Jesus Christ being manifested in your life presently?

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