Loving the House of God (Psalm 26)

King David’s words in Psalm 11 were so rich last week, as he showed us what it means to take refuge in God during times of trouble. We return to David’s words again today, but instead of Psalm 11, we are looking at Psalm 26. Today we learn the deep love every Christian should have for the house of God, the place where His glory dwells.

Psalm begins and ends with David asking for the Lord to vindicate him based on his integrity (vs.1-3, 11-12)

  • Based on the sermon, what does integrity mean biblically?
  • For Christians who believe our vindication by God comes through Christ alone, what does it mean to have God vindicate you for walking in integrity? (Hint: Take time to carefully connect verse 3 with verses 1-2).

Next, David unpacks his unwavering trust and walking in integrity in the negative (vs. 4-5).

  • What does the language of “sit with…consort…assembly” indicate about David’s relationship with the wicked? What conclusion are we to draw about a Christian’s association with hypocrites and evildoers from this passage?
  • Contrast the descriptions “men of falsehood” and “hypocrite” with the idea of integrity? According to this Psalm, what makes someone an evildoer or a hypocrite?

Finally, David gives us a picture of whole-hearted worship of God (vs. 6-12)

  • How is true worship a sacrifice? (v.6)
  • How is true worship an expression of thanksgiving (v.7)
  • How is true worship an act of love (v.8)
  • How is true worship a pleading for rescue and redemption (v.9-10)

Application questions for personal, family, and HFG discussion:

  • How has your attendance and participation in worship been of late?
  • Do you really expect to meet God on the Lord’s Day in worship?
  • What has God been revealing to you about yourself recently?
  • What has God been showing you about Himself recently?
  • What step(s) can you take this week before, during, and after Lord’s Day worship to take full advantage of the spiritual benefit God intends for you?

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