Psalms for the Summer

Summer is a great time for a break, and so we’re going to take a little break too. Beginning this Sunday at Cornerstone, we’re going to break from the gospel of Luke for the months of June and July to dive into a selection of Psalms.

The Psalms are perfect for seasons like summer, because each Psalm is essentially a self-contained unit of material, which makes it easier to preach as a stand alone message. Since many of you will travel and vacation throughout the summer, some of you will miss a Sunday or two. When that happens, preaching the Psalms makes it easier for you to reenter and pick up without feeling like you’ve missed a part of the series.


With that said, I expect this series to be very important for the life of our congregation. I’ve chosen a number of Psalms that are key to the mission at Cornerstone Presbyterian. My hope and prayer is that these messages will serve to re-vision our commitment to God as we learn what it means to live in communion with God from the Psalms.

Take a look at the list of Psalms below and read along as we take this journey together. Stay up on where we’re are going each week and pray for the Spirit to guide our worship. It’s going to be a great summer at Cornerstone, and I look forward to worshipping with you each week.

  • Psalm 1 – “Walking in the Wisdom of God” (June 3)
  • Psalm 2 – “Kissing the Son of God” (June 10)
  • Psalm 11 – “Taking Refuge in the Righteousness of God” (June 17)
  • Psalm 26 – “Loving the House of God” (June 24)
  • Psalm 32 – “Repenting for Sin Against God” (July 1)
  • Psalm 33 – “Hoping in the Steadfast Love of God” (July 8)
  • Psalm 87 – “Living for the Mission of God” (July 15)
  • Psalm 126 – “Rejoicing in the Restoration of God” (July 22)
  • Psalm 131 – “Resting in the Peace of God” (July 29)

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