Raising Up Servant Leaders

Jesus ministry is one of making disciple-leaders. In Luke 6:12-16, we see the prayerful intentionality of Jesus in preparing to call disciple-leaders, the diversity of gifts among the disciple-leaders he called, and something of the kingdom impact his disciple-leaders made.

In verse 12, we see Jesus remove himself from the crowds to pray all night.

  • Jesus prepared for the calling of the disciples through a lengthy time of focused prayer to God. Do you regularly spend lengthy amounts of time in focused prayer? If not, what keeps you from it, and how might you take steps right now to cultivate a more prayerful life?

In verse 13, we learn that the twelve apostles were taken from a larger group of disciples who were already following Jesus

  • Every Christian is a disciple, but among disciples, there are leaders. The twelve apostles were uniquely selected by Jesus and occupied particular positions of authority in the church (see Eph. 4:11-12, Rev. 21:14).
    • What is an apostle? Do we still have apostles today? Why or why not?
    • What wisdom do we gain regarding authority and leadership in the church from Jesus actions in this verse?
    • If you are in a position of church leadership—Sunday school teacher, ministry team leader, HFG facilitator, officer, etc.—take time to honestly evaluate your care and leading of Jesus disciples.
      • Are there any particular areas of Christ’s ministry through you that need to be celebrated?
      • Are there areas of weakness where more training is needed?
      • Are there areas that you are neglecting?
      • Please be willing to share your findings with Pastor Nate, your HFG leader, or an officer in the church, so that we can rejoice with you, direct training where needed, or begin to repent where we are falling short in our service.

In verses 14-16, Luke lists the twelve apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Make some general observations about these men as a group, taking into account their backgrounds, gifting, and areas of service. What do these observations teach you about leadership within the body of Christ?
  • Everyone is called to serve in the body of Christ (I Cor.12:12-31; Eph. 4:9-16). Are you serving? If you are, is your gifts being utilized effectively? If not, how do you sense God directing you to use your gifts in the body of Christ? Please contact an elder, deacon, or Pastor Nate if you need help finding your place in the body at Cornerstone Pres.

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