The Touch That Heals

Yesterday for Palm Sunday, we took a look at the healing power of the Lord Jesus, as he extended a healing touch to a leper in need of cleansing from Luke 5:12-16

The story begins with a leper coming to Jesus for healing. Jesus extends a healing touch and makes him clean (v.12-16).

  • A leper is considered ceremonially and socially unclean and cannot come close to others lest they come down with the disease (Lev.13:45-46). This leper boldly comes into the city and seeks out Jesus in faith for healing, while humbly submitting to His will (v.12). Do you seek the Lord for healing? Are you submissive to God’s will in healing?
  • Jesus willingly heals, and he does so through touch (v.13). This is quite possibly the first time this man has been touched in years. With that in mind, how did the healing touch of Jesus meet the needs of this man on more than a physical level? In your family or HFG discussions, consider what applications should we make, if any, regarding physical touch as a source of healing?
  • After healing the man, Jesus references Leviticus 14, charging the man to go and show himself to the priest and make an offering as Moses commanded. Why is Jesus concerned that this man does what the Scripture commands? There is more than one potential answer.
  • How does Jesus touch of the leper serve as a parable of the gospel, highlighting the substitutionary atonement of Christ?

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