New Sunday School Classes

Bind up the testimony and seal the teaching among my disciples—Isaiah 8:16

Before I talk a little about the new Sunday School offerings for this quarter, let me first thank Bill Iverson, Joe Haworth, and Tom Miller for leading classes this last quarter. Many of you have confessed to me how much the ministry of these three brothers has meant to you. Thank you, brothers, for taking time out of your busy lives to prepare and teach God’s people. You are a gift of God to us (Eph.4:7).

As most of you know, the adult Sunday School ministry at Cornerstone is strategic for training and equipping of the saints for gospel centered living in the world, zeroing in on pertinent areas of Christian discipleship. You’ll see a range of topics offered over the course of the year, specifically designed to facilitate deeper understanding of God, yourself, and the world for living the Christian life.

This Sunday we kick off a new round of adult Sunday School classes that will meet from now until the end of May. Check them out.

The Gospel of John—Tom Miller

This is a continuing study on the Gospel of John, led in a discussion format that facilitates relationships, understanding of Scripture, and spiritual care among all the members. This class meets in the Schaeffer Room on the third floor.

Marriage: God’s Plan for Sanctification—Nate Shurden

When two sinners live in close proximity to one another, there are bound to be sparks. In this eight-week study, we’ll explore the real meaning of marriage as a picture of and participation in the gospel of Jesus Christ, while taking a detailed look at how God uses the trouble spots of our married lives as a training ground (i.e. battlefield!) for transformation. This class will meet in the Chapel.

A Primer on Worship—Greg Wilbur

Although we are innately created to worship, in the book of Exodus God had to train His people how to worship rightly. We will look at the Biblical models for worship and how we seek to implement them in the time and location in which God has placed us. This class will meet in Greg’s Office on the second floor.

If you are not involved in a Sunday School class regularly at Cornerstone, now is the time to make that change. Let’s get started!

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