Jesus Rejected: Sermon Discussion Guide

After wrapping up our two week study of the temptation of Christ, we turn our attention to the early response of Jesus ministry as he teaches throughout Galilee and in his hometown of Nazareth in Luke 4:14-30.

Notice, Jesus did not wait for people to come to him. Instead, He went to the people. His love compelled him to move outward (v14-15).

  • Are you moving toward people or are you waiting for people to come to you? Discuss with your group why this difference is crucial to following Jesus, and be honest about how you’re doing in this area.

As soon as Jesus began teaching and ministering, the report about Him spread throughout the surrounding country.

  • What made Jesus teaching ministry attractive to those who heard him (v.15, 22)?

Synagogue worship included readings from Scripture with a message, followed by a time of discussion and questioning about what was read and said.

  • Questioning and discussion is essential to spiritual growth and development. How can Cornerstone Pres. become a place where questioning and discussion around the truth is welcomed? If you’re in a HFG, pose this to the group for feedback. Do not be afraid to talk openly about whether your group is really open to honest questioning and discussion.

Jesus emphasized that the good news he came to bring was for the poor, captives, blind, and oppressed (v.18-19, cf. Isaiah 61:1-2).

  • Is Jesus excluding the rich and other groups by saying the gospel is for the poor? If not, what are we to make of this emphasis in Jesus ministry?
  • Should this “gospel for the poor” give shape to our life and churches today? If so, how? Discuss with your HFG and your family.

The crowd at Nazareth hung on Jesus words, but they turned on Him after He linked himself to Elijah’s ministry to the widow of Zarephath (I Kings 17) and Elisha’s ministry to Naaman the Syrian (II Kings 5).

  • What was Jesus saying by drawing this parallel, and why is it important for you and our church?

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