In My Father’s House (Luke 2:38-52)

At Cornerstone this passed Sunday, we looked at the only passage recorded in the Scripture that gives us glimpse of Jesus during his youth. This amazing passage reveals that Jesus was aware of his redemptive mission even as a young person, and that from his earliest of days, he was committed to fulfilling that mission even when those around him would not understand.

  • At the beginning and the end of this passage, Luke tells us that Jesus grew, became strong, and increased in wisdom and favor with God and man (Luke 2:40-52). If Jesus were fully divine, and thus perfect in everyway, what would it mean for Jesus to grow in wisdom and favor with God?
  • Some scholars have argued that Luke 2:41-52 is a pre-teen rebellion story. Jesus failed to be obedient to His father and mother, and in his response to His mother (Luke 2:49), there is more than a hint of disrespect. How would you answer this objection from the passage? (Hint: take a look at verse 51!)
  • The key to the passage comes in verses 48 and 49. Reread those two verses and identify the irony in Mary’s first words to Jesus and Jesus response to His mother. How does the irony of these two verses lead us to the purpose for Christ’s coming to earth?
  • If someone asked you to express the evidence for the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, could you do it from this passage? With your family or HFG, take a few minutes and outline the evidence for Christ’s deity and humanity. Then, ask this question: why is the full deity and humanity of Christ important?
  • What does Jesus life and mission teach us about growing in wisdom and living in submission? Be specific and personal. Take time to share with a family member, friend, or HFG how you need prayer and encouragement in these areas.

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