Seasonal Festivities

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations—Psalm 90:1

Let me take a moment to thank you for coming out to the informational meetings on the Cornerstone leadership’s recommendation to purchase the downtown chapel. Your attention and participation, including your questions and feedback were a great encouragement. Now, very importantly, the elders of Cornerstone Pres. have called an official congregational meeting for this Sunday, December 18, from 9:45-10:30am to vote for the purchase of the downtown chapel as a congregation. It is vitally important that you attend this meeting and register your vote. Please make plans now to attend.

If you’ve been paying attention to the church calendar, you know that one treat after another is in store for you at Cornerstone this season. It started last week with Lessons and Carols, when we gathered together for an amazing night of worship, tracing the story of redemption in Scripture and song. I’ve had no less than a dozen conversations this week about the powerful impact this service made on your own soul this Christmas season. It is this very testimony that motivates our own Greg Wilbur and the choir to put in countless hours of faithful service. Please don’t forget to thank them! Their effort was beautifully evident on Sunday night.

This Sunday night we will gather back together at 4:30pm for a relaxed Family Carol Sing, complete with a time of fellowship and refreshments. This is going to be a fun time to sing seasonal favorites. Then, next week, believe it or not, it’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! We will gather at 5:30 on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas day at 10am. Worship on Christmas, what could be better!

It’s a full calendar, and oh so good. Be sure to note all times and dates, so you can fully participate in the festivities of the season.

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