Trinitarian Fellowship

One of the best little books on the Trinity and the implication for communal life is Donald Macleod’s, Shared Life: The Trinity and the Fellowship of God’s People. I highly recommend it to you! I reread a section of it this week in preparation for the sermon.

I was struck by these words.

“Christians do not have any right to live among others detached, uninterested, and obsessed with our own privacy. We are called to bring to bear upon community life all the insights of the gospel, warming that community with the love of Jesus, invigorating it with power of the Spirit and making fresh and exciting with the salt of the Christian difference. A life lived apart from community is a life that violates human nature. We need the nearness, sympathy and counsel of our own kind. Without it, we become neurotic. To refuse it is to show that we are already neurotic.” (p.65)

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