God Speaks, We Share

“Were not our hearts burning within us…”—Luke 24:32

As you’ve no doubt noticed, the design of the present sermon series is to focus thematically on the big picture of the Scripture. The leading reason for a series like this is to help us become a people who are formed by and filled with the Biblical story. But let’s be honest: Bible reading can be quite confusing. It’s so easy to miss the forest for the trees. Many times we lose our way in the details of individual Bible passages, because we cannot see how a particular passage applies or relates to the overarching message of the Scripture. Each passage falls within the context of the individual Bible book, and each book falls within the context of the whole Bible. When we take a wide-angle lens approach to the Bible for a season, we are exploring the context of individual books and passages, so that we can get a better sense of the whole.

Many of you come from backgrounds where expository preaching was far from the norm. In fact, you may have never heard the term, “expository preaching.” Let me help clear the fog a bit. Expounding God’s word is not so much a method or a particular style, as much as it is a belief and commitment. We believe the Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God. Thus, when you come to Cornerstone, we want you to hear God speaking His Word to you in every sermon. To assist in this, the preacher strives to make the truth of God’s Word plain or clear to the listener. This includes explaining the point of a text, giving the scope of a passage’s meaning, and applying its meaning directly to the hearers. This can be done in large scale, like the series we’re doing now. It can also be done on a small scale, like we did with I Peter. Either way, the design and heart felt prayer is that the Lord would powerfully reveal himself to you in the Word—that with each message, we would grow more and more in love with and committed to the Lord Jesus Christ. O that God would be pleased to do this!

On that note, let me give praise to God. I’m so thankful for the testimony of the Lord’s work in many of your lives following the first two messages of the new sermon series. It’s often difficult to know what the Lord is doing if we do not share His work with one another. Some of you are so faithful to do this week after week. You come to me bursting with something to share, “You won’t believe what God is teaching me!” If you’re regularly opening your life in Christ to others, be encouraged—sharing is a mark of spiritual health and maturity. If that’s not your practice right now, let me challenge you to make it your practice. If we are truly aware of God’s work, we will be wonderstruck, and from that wonder, words will begin to flow. Nobody hears great news and remains silent! Ask the Lord to make you like the Samaritan Woman, who met Jesus and immediately gave testimony of his work to all her neighbors (John 4:39-42). Let’s commit to be a community of promoters and popularizes of God’s work! Who are you going to speak with this week about the Lord’s work?

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