Pastoral Notes (August 21, 2011)

“Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.”—I Cor.12:26

We have exciting news at Cornerstone. As many of you will remember, Joanna Reategui stepped down from her position as Administrative Assistant at the end of May after the birth of her son, Santiago Job Reategui. We had the distinct privilege of having Brianna Bleymier fill the position for two months while we looked for a permanent replacement. After walking through a hiring process, we are pleased to announce that Susan Bumpus has gladly accepted our offer to serve as the new administrative assistant. Susan and her husband Greg are no strangers to our fellowship; they have been members of Parish and now Cornerstone for years. Susan has years of administrative experience in both Christian ministry and the professional world. We are thankful to the Lord for leading Susan to us, and for the servant spirit God has given to her. We cannot wait to see all the ways the Lord will use her in our midst. Welcome, Susan!

It’s a real treat to have one of our missionaries worshipping with us this morning. Jeremiah Small is on staff with Servant Group International, teaching at The Classical School of the Medes in Iraq. We so look forward to Jeremiah’s yearly visit to Franklin, to hear of the Lord’s work across the globe and to share in sweet fellowship with our brother. This morning in worship he will give a brief report of his work this last year. Please take time to welcome Jeremiah, thank him for his service to the Lord, and find out ways you can prayer for him and the ministry.

Speaking of Iraq, I’m pleased to announce that Dan & Julie Meyers made it to Dohuk, Iraq this last week. They had a bit of a rough time getting there—missed flights and travel woes. Even with that, God used the setbacks to further his purposes. They made friends with an Iranian girl during one of their missed flights, and were able to share the love of Christ with her. God’s plan is always perfect. Keep our brother and sister in prayer as they begin their service in Iraq.

Finally, the Shurden clan will be on vacation this next week. We will miss worshipping with all of you on Sunday, August 28th, but you have a special blessing in store. Rev. Bing Davis will be delivering God’s Word in my stead with the next passage in our ongoing series in I Peter. So thankful for my brother, and his willingness to serve us!

Have a wonderful week in the Lord. You’re in my prayers.

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