Jerram Barrs on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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  1. Chris Schroeder

    We would do well to define a Christian, along with Paul, as someone who has Jesus as Lord and submits, as John makes clear, to God’s Word. Importantly, this includes a definition of sin – what it is & what actions
    constitute sin.
    JK Rowling (& others) use HP as a vehicle to (further) normalise what is sinful in the eyes of God and calls things that are evil, good.
    Yes, there is much the world finds ‘attractive’ in the cross – just look at all that love…
    Love indeed, but why the cross? To the world is remains foolishness.
    What about sin, God’s wrath, propitiation? Is love God’s only attribute, how is the cross personally relevant to me, are questions never considered.

    Does JK Rowling do the Christian cause any service by making love, humanly understood, the sole understanding of the (King’s) cross? Love wins? Would any readers of her books feel the slightest need to do what Jesus says, repent?
    Great fiction, yes, and evil is indeed portrayed very well; but poor, misleading, doctrine as concerns the cross, what constitutes true love (obedience) and what God has done in Christ. A lot remains unsaid.

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