Taking the Message Home (Sunday, June 19)

This past Sunday we turned our sights to I Peter 2:4-8 where we learned about the foundation and life of the people of God. Peter describes Christ as the “cornerstone” on which our lives are built, and the church as the “living stones” being built together into a temple of the living God. Below are a few reflecting points to take home with you this week, to continue working the message deeper into your life.

  • Rock imagery is used throughout the Scripture to describe the character of God and His salvation. Besides the Old Testament quotations in the passage, what other places in the Scripture is the imagery of rock used to denote a spiritual truth?
  • Peter advances an important spiritual paradox in the phrase “living stones.” What does that phrase mean, and consider what corporate application(s) we might draw from it as a church?
  • Peter describes the church as a holy priesthood, carrying out the work of spiritual sacrifice. How can this truth be translated into daily acts of Christian faithfulness? Be specific if you can.

Jesus Christ the Cornerstone elicits two equal opposite reactions according to Peter. He is both chosen and precious by God, and an object of offense that is rejected by men.

  • What does it mean that Jesus is chosen and precious? (v.4)
  • How can Jesus be an offense? (v.8)
  • How do these mutually exclusive responses to Jesus Christ parallel the reality of these Christians in Asia Minor? What comfort should these believers derive from this comparison? What comfort should we derive?

“Let us see to it that he be not only admitted by us to be the foundation, but that he be our foundation; and let us every day, every hour be, in the faith of the truth, coming to him as the divinely-appointed foundation. Let us seek to be more and more ‘grounded in love’ and let the language of our hearts be that of the dying martyr, ‘None but Christ, none but Christ.’”—John Brown

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