Three Applications

Beautiful and majestic images were given to us by the Apostle Peter yesterday, as we were called living stones founded upon Christ the Cornerstone, to be built into a holy temple where the shekinah glory of God is pleased to dwell (I Peter 2:4-8). The echo of Peter’s words can be heard throughout the Old Testament, as the tabernacle and the temple are shadows and types of what Christ is and what would we would become in Him (I Cor.3:16-17).

Embedded in this glorious description is a great call. Though we only barely scratched the surface, we considered three primary applications for our church specifically yesterday. Nevertheless, these three encapsulate a few of our core commitments as a church, and they are particularly important to believe with rock-solid conviction as we grow into deeper embrace of our identity as the church of Jesus Christ. Here are the three applications:

  1. The strength and viability of the church is equal to the living stones resting on and alignment with Christ the Cornerstone.
  2. Every living stone of the church is dependent on every other living stone in the church, and we’re all dependent on Christ the Cornerstone.
  3. Every living stone together is more than any one stone could ever be alone.  

Time permitting, I’ll keep writing about this and unpacking other implications of these applications for our church in the days ahead.

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