Taking the Message Home (Sunday, June 5th)

The last two Sundays Sunday we have considered the call to holiness from I Peter 1:13-25. To answer the call of holiness, one must first know what holiness is.

  • What is holiness according to the Scripture?
  • What would it mean for you to be holy as God is holy (Lev.11:44-45)?
  • Is holiness something you desire personally? (Don’t just give the “right answer.” Be honest.)

We said that idols are the most basic stumbling block to carrying out the call of holiness. An idol is anything you love more than God. There were two types of idols mentioned in our passage. The first set of idols are handed down to us from our forefathers, and the second set of idols well up within our heart. Idol destroying is grace work, and for grace to be received and experienced, one must feel their need of it and humbly ask for it.

  • Identify two or three most frequently occurring sins in your life. Write them down if you are able. Isolate each sin and ask your heart, “What do I love more than God that I’m willing to continually commit these sins?”
  • How would overcoming the sins above reestablish gospel hope in your life?
  • What role does love play in sanctification? Reverent fear?

“True holiness, we surely ought to remember, does not consist merely of inward sensations and impressions… it is something of “the image of Christ,” which can be seen and observed by others in our private life, and habits, and character, and doings.”—J.C. Ryle

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